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Started in 2000, Google AdWords has become the absolute dominant force in digital advertising worldwide. Integrated into its Search Network and Display Network websites and partners, billions of searches each month, worldwide, go through Google. AdWords is a robust, highly adjustable tool that allows companies of any size to run a marketing campaign. This granular nature allows a company to adjust their campaigns on the fly, based on what is and isn’t working, or on special sales or events.

AdWords is especially useful for smaller businesses. The wide variety of options available allows a business to set up ad campaigns that fit their budgets, while still targeting competitive keywords. Combined with the various options in setting up the ads themselves, and your company can put itself on the digital map in no time.

It isn’t always easy. People new to digital marketing can take one look at their AdWords account start page, and feel immediately overwhelmed. It can feel like one mistake will cost you a lot of money in wasted ad spend. Fortunately, you’ve got an ally on your side with Allroads Digital Marketing. We can partner with your business to ensure that you get the most out of your AdWords campaigns. Whether that’s actual campaign management, or developing for your website, we’ve got you covered!

How AdWords helps your business

Organic search results are important, and there’s no reason to not have your website properly optimized for it. Through Search Engine Optimization, content generation, and proper web development practices, your website can turn up on Google search page one consistently.

However, above the organic results are the pay-per-click ads. There are only three of these slots available, but they are prominent, and among the first things any search user sees. If your business is running a relevant ad that manages to place in those ad spots, you have an immediate advantage over organic results.

From there, every other aspect of your digital marketing strategy starts to come together. The Allroads team sets up your ad campaign, which links to a landing page we built for your website. The customer is funneled, step by step, towards your desired conversion. Are you seeking customer information? Is an app install your ultimate goal? Or are you running a limited time sale, and want the customers to make an impulse purchase? The flexibility of AdWords lets you spend on ads, and target them, for these very purposes.

The Allroads approach to maximizing your AdWords benefits

With AdWords, your marketing can shift based on your moment to moment needs. The best ads still need a website behind them that people want to visit. If, for example, your shopping pages are taking too long to load, you could potentially lose a sale right there. Not only did you turn a customer away, that click on your ad was wasted. If you’re on a tight budget, wasted ad spend could leave you at your daily limit. Your ads stop showing.

While there’s always the next day, and always a chance for someone willing to stick with a slow website, this is not your best road to success. It’s a waste of money, and no matter how much you revise your AdWords campaigns, you will still have that roadblock.

Allwords treats digital marketing and web development as part of the same parcel. While having one of these two things in great shape can lead to some success, we don’t believe our clients are interested in settling for average. We tailor both your digital marketing and your website to complement each other. Whatever your end goal is for conversions are, we can design a web site to meet those needs. If you need regular content updates, we can provide them. We’ll tailor your AdWords campaigns to those goals, ensuring that you’re getting the traffic your business is looking for.

At Allroads Digital Marketing, we know how to get the most out of your AdWords campaigns. We will partner with your business to ensure that your advertising results in successful returns on your investment. Contact us today for a consultation, and learn what we can do for you.

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