Bing Ads

A growing giant that cannot be ignored

As Windows 10 continues to spread, Microsoft’s Bing search engine has been making considerable inroads into a market that many have considered ‘belonging’ to Google. What does that mean for your business? It means that Bing Ads are something you cannot ignore if you’re looking to reach as many customers as possible. With Microsoft’s business moves in recent years, this means that you’re not just reaching desktop customers who have upgraded to Windows 10, and are being funneled towards Bing. The search engine also powers Yahoo and AOL searches, and there are still millions of potential customers using those search solutions every month.

Successful digital marketing is about using all of the tools at your disposal. With Bing Ads potentially reaching more customers every month, the opportunities for your business can’t be neglected! Allroads can help your business become more visible on this fast-growing search engine.

The hard numbers making the case for Bing Ads

Between the US and the UK alone, almost six billion searches go through the Bing search engine a month. The US makes up five billion of those searches. Overall, in the US alone Bing makes up a third of the search market. The UK has seen a quarter of its market overtaken by Bing.

What does this mean for Allroads clients in the US or the UK? Opportunities. Google is valuable, but if your business is in a highly competitive industry, you’ll want every edge over the competition you can muster. If you’re willing to spend money to make money, then you need to strongly consider a wide-range of advertising options. However, running Bing Ads and other ad solutions together can be a serious challenge, especially to an inexperienced business owner. There’s a lot of jargon and acronym salad that, even after some research, can be intimidating.

Fortunately, your road led you to Allroads, and we can shoulder the burden of running your advertising campaigns for you.

Why Allroads is your best solution for Bing Ads campaigns

At Allroads Digital Marketing, we’ve got years of experience with advertising across a wide range of search engine solutions. We know how your website can be affected by search engine advertising, and how your website affects search results.

We’re more than a marketer. We are web developers, content writers, search engine managers, business consultants. We bring all the tools necessary to make your website and your business thrive. Whether it’s with Bing Ads, or Google AdWords, we know how to set up a ad campaigns that fit the needs of your business. We can make changes to your website, so you can get the most out of those Bing Ads clicks. If you need blog content, or write-ups about the services you provide, we can produce content that will get you on the Bing first page search results.

With Bing Ads, and a comprehensive approach to marketing and your web presence, Allroads can drive you to the success you want. Contact us today for a consultation, and learn more about how we be the partner you need!

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