Establish trust in your business, and own the identity of your services

Branding is more than just a company logo or name. It’s not just the products or services you sell. Branding is a combination of these things, and more. From the appearance of your shops, the uniforms you wear, and the type of customer experiences you provide, everything your business does contributes to its branding. It can take years to build up customer trust in your brand. Today, thanks to the power of the internet, your branding can be spread far and wide. You can reach audiences that in the past were out of reach, geographically.

That power is a double-edged sword: it can take minutes to start the destruction of a brand’s legacy. A single bad customer service experience. A poorly cooked meal. An employee answering a company phone in vulgar fashion. These things can start negative word of mouth spreading on Google reviews, on Yelp. Even your own website, if poorly made, can be a detriment to your branding.

When you’re getting your business into digital advertising, you want a team that understands your branding. Rather than just a marketing firm that wants the next paycheck, you need a firm that wants to be a partner in your success. At Allroads Digital Marketing, we are that firm. When we set up your AdWords campaigns, when we design your website landing pages, when generate content for your blogs, your branding comes first and foremost. You could say that this is the Allroads brand.

Your branding benefits from Allroads

As mobile devices and the internet spread further throughout the world, your business website is more important than ever. For many customers, that website is going to be their first glimpse of what you are, and what you provide. Whether your a law firm, a restaurant, or a privately owned bookshop, your website needs to reflect what you do, and why you’re the best option for a visiting client.

Part of successful branding is about establishing your company as a trustworthy authority. Your paid ads need to be relevant to the customers you’re looking for. When they link to pages on your website, those pages need to high-quality, informative without¬† taking too long to load.

For example, if you’re a plastic surgeon, you want to make it easy for people to understand what you do, from the moment they enter your website. For customers who are on the edge of deciding to get a procedure done, you want to make it easy for them to contact you for consultation. If your landing page fails to do either of these things, you potentially lose out on a customer. Additionally, if the website is down too often, or if the contact forms are broken, you look unprofessional. Less trustworthy. Your branding suffers.

With websites, that isn’t necessarily your fault. Most smaller businesses hire outside firms to maintain their web presence. At Allroads, we can guarantee you a site that reflects your business values, while also ensuring that it’s properly functional.

How customer interaction affects your branding

Whether it’s because of your website, your ads, or simply word of mouth, a customer may get try to contact you directly. It may be through your website itself, or a visit to your office. Perhaps a phone call, using the number on your web site. What happens next is still very much a part of your branding, for better or worse. If you have employees answering the phone poorly, if your advertising isn’t accurately reflecting the cost of your services, your business can suffer.

Today, thanks to Google reviews, Yelp, and other forms of customer feedback, a bad experience can be shared just as easily as a good one. If a customer leaves your business unhappy, they might leave you a scathing negative review in a very public place. Your branding takes a hit for that, especially if you’re seeing few reviews at all!

When it comes to branding, Allroads works on more than just your website and advertising!

Allroads can help you before the bad reviews, and after them. Protecting your brand isn’t just about ads and web pages! We can help you set up reputation funnels that encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews. The reality is that when people are angry with a service, they are more likely to tell others about it without being asked! However, if you’ve got far more positive reviews than negatives, you have a better chance to protect your branding.

If the Allroads team spots a series of negative reviews, we’ll call it to your attention. Many business owners use negative reviews as a way to reach out to the customer in question. It may not be enough for that customer, but for other potential customers, your public effort to fix things may enhance your branding.

At Allroads Digital Marketing, we understand that your brand name is important to your business. We also know that there are multiple ways to enhance your branding, and we take all roads leading to that goal! Contact us today if you’re looking to enhance the visibility of your brand. We promise you a team that can work all of the angles to get the results you’re paying for.

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