Successful eCommerce focuses on the customer experience, and customer needs

More than ever, customers are shopping from their computers and mobile devices. The level of convenience that modern eCommerce brings to businesses and consumers alike is important to overstate. More businesses are focusing on mobile advertising, because sometimes a customer decides to buy even before they visit a website. That sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s far from it. Phones and tablets make things easier than ever to act on an impulse.

Take this example: you want to buy pizzas for a weekend gathering. You can call the shop up, deal with their phone’s bad reception, have the employee get your order wrong. Then you wait an hour or more for the pizza to be made and delivered. Alternatively, you order online. Your toppings options are clearly laid out. You can pay for the pizza and even tip the delivery driver on the website itself. Some pizza deliver chains even show you how far along your pizza is towards being delivered in near-real time!

There is an important similarity between both scenarios: the customer is buying pizza. Emphasis on buying. They contacted the pizza shop knowing they were going to buy pizza. It’s what they wanted to buy, so they bought it.

Allroads can help you establish a proper eCommerce solution for your website!

Many customer internet searches are research on a product people already know they want. However, there’s a growing number of people who make purchases on impulse, on their computers or their mobile devices. A great eCommerce solution not only attracts people to your website to make a purchase, it makes the process easy. It’s fast and secure. Your business wins a sale, the customer gets what they want, all with minimal fuss.

At Allroads, we know just how important a working eCommerce set up is for a business. If you’re relying on web traffic to bring in the money, it needs to be simple for people to buy what they want. There are a vast number of solutions for eCommerce. Some call themselves a ‘one size fits all’ set-up, but that’s not always true. Perhaps you want to integrate PayPal on your shopping pages. Maybe you want to offer ways for customers to use special coupons unique to your own email advertising campaigns.

We’re able to manage your eCommerce solutions as part of our services for your business. We’ll ensure your site remains secure, and your customer information protected. We can also make changes to your eCommerce pages to reflect special promotions, even on short notice! And of course, we can drive conversions with the full range of digital marketing techniques at our disposal.

If you’re looking to set up eCommerce for your business for the first time, or need a team to take over for a previous contractor, Allroads is your best bet. Contact us today for a consultation, and let’s see how we can turn your site into a real profit-maker!

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