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Target the customers you want from the largest social network in the world

It started in 2003, comparable to Hot or Not. In 2004, it became a solution to a perceived need Harvard students had for a online student directory. When it went public in 2006 as Facebook, nobody would suspect that over a decade later, it would be used by 1 out of 5 people in the world. The concept of Facebook Ads wasn’t even a thought. Certainly nobody knew back then just how massive the digital advertising market would become.

Two billion people use Facebook worldwide. It eclipses every other social media platform in existence today. And people alone are not the only users of Facebook; businesses have social media accounts to interact directly with their customers. Facebook Ads have great value to any business looking for customers. Thanks to the data that the platform gathers on its users, your business can target exactly the types of consumers it’s looking for. Or, you can go broad with your targeting, casting as wide a net as you think necessary to bring customers to your company website.

If you’re at all interested in digital advertising and social media, then Facebook Ads are a serious consideration for you to make. However, like any other form of digital marketing, running a Facebook Ad campaign can be overwhelming, especially to a new business owner. The sheer degree of targeting options available, the costs per click of an ad, these things are intimidating to new marketers. Fortunately, at Allroads you have access to a team of digital marketing specialists. If you’re serious about advertising through Facebook Ads, we can find a way to boost your visibility to the largest potential audience on the internet.

The wide (or narrow) reach of Facebook Ads is up to your goals!

Advertisers on Facebook have access to vast amounts of targeting options for any ad campaigns they want to run. You can target audiences by interest, or similar interests. Geographic location. Hobbies. Favorite music. What advertisements they’ve liked, what links they’ve followed. Overall browsing behavior, for desktop or mobile applications.

You are easily able to find the customers right for your business through Facebook Ads. And you can design your ads following a variety of formats that suit your needs. If your services or products need to be demonstrated, you can run video ads. Or maybe a picture can speak a thousand words through a photo ad. Perhaps you have an eCommerce site, and you can target specific ads to show to customers who like specific products that you carry.

Why you should choose Allroads for success

Allroads isn’t just a digital marketer. We are not just content writers, nor are we just web developers. Our way is to combine all of these disciplines and more. Successful marketing isn’t just about one approach, every time, for every business.

We don’t just see ourselves as a marketer. We’re a business partner, and when our clients succeed, that means we’ve done our job right across the board. If you’re looking for a marketing team to handle your Facebook Ads, Allroads can give you all that and more. If you’re looking into a serious ad campaign on the largest social media site in the world, you want a team on your side that understands what you want for your business. Contact Allroads today for a consultation, and learn how we can make your Facebook Ads reach the customers you want!

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