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Potential customers use mobile devices every day to search for what you provide

Visibility is the key to success. If customers don’t know that your business exists, they are significantly less likely to buy from you. While there’s always a chance for word-of-mouth to bring you new customers, but there’s no guarantee. Advertising is your way to get in front of as many people as possible. And those potential customers aren’t just searching from their desktop computers anymore. Tablets and smartphones have allowed people to search for what they want on the go. When people say that your next customers is around the corner, it’s not just an expression, it’s very real. The importance of mobile advertising cannot be overstated.

Mobile advertising drives your visibility to the customer who is on the move

The bottom line is that mobile devices have become a mainstay for consumers worldwide. Mobile phones, in particular, have become our connection to friends and family near or far. They’ve become small enough that anyone can have one. They’re powerful, versatile, and have empowered the consumer in ways that can make or break a business.

Say you have a book on your shelf, a new hard cover release that you have marked down 25% due to a sale, lower than the competition. With mobile advertising, you can get your shop in front of the customer’s eyes. Your sale price can easily be compared to other stores by a potential customer. And as more people see that you have this new book at the lowest cost, that may mean more sales.

That’s far from the only benefit of mobile advertising. A vast majority of searches are all local searches. “Book stores near me”, “pizza place near me”, “gas station near me”. Notice something?

“near me”

When a person is on the go, they may not have a particular destination in mind. They might know what they want in a general sense, but ultimately, they’re open to ‘whatever’s near me’. In the past, we had to rely on what we did know was near us, on the word of mouth of people traveling with us. Today, we can simply search on our phones and tablets what is “near me.” Allroads can help your business with mobile advertising, using this ability consumers have to your advantage.

Mobile advertising isn’t just for people on the go!

According to a 2013 study, 90% of all smartphone shoppers use their phones for pre-shopping purposes. For many, this is before they even leave the house. And nearly 20% of smartphone shoppers actually use the devices to make a purchase. These numbers are likely to keep increasing.

Thanks to mobile devices, we have a connection to the internet almost all of the time. We now can find out who has what we’re looking for, at what price, and even get product reviews, on demand. People don’t have to spend time going from store to store to do their research. If you want to thrive in competitive markets, you need the visibility of mobile advertising.

How Allroads Digital Marketing can put you in front of the customer

Running a good ad campaign doesn’t just mean putting up paid ads on Google or Bing. If you’re not actually targeting people who want your product with your ads, you can end up wasting a lot of money. Mobile advertising requires that you have a website that is attractive and easy for mobile customers to use. If a customer clicks on your as, but gets turned away by a website that fails to load properly on their mobile device, you’ve wasted money.

Allroads is staffed by a team of Google Adwords Certified marketers, who will help drive traffic to your site. They know how to properly manage an ad campaign, how to direct customers where you want them to go on your website. The other part of our team consists of professional web developers, with years of industry experience. Your website will be properly optimized for desktop and mobile device users. If you need a new landing page for a special promotion, or you want an ad that takes customers to specific shopping page, we can get it done.

By combining the talents of experienced marketers and web developers, we’re able to put together a mobile advertising campaign to meet your needs. Contact us today if you want to see where Allroads can take your business!

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