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A direct line to your customers through the most popular social media networks

Hundreds of millions of people, every day, are paying some attention to social media networks. That attention could last minutes, seconds at a time. It could last for hours. Everyone’s level of investment in their social media varies, but there’s no denying the reach and influence these networks have. Just take a look at the news right now, and you can see that paid social media has power over markets, nations, even the entire world. It’s no surprise that businesses are seeing potential in having their own social media accounts. When you consider how brands establish themselves, paid social media is a piece that completes the puzzle.

Effective paid social media engages your customers, and potential customers, on a direct level. You can use this to influence people’s perceptions of your business, and the services you provide. You can see how people react to moves your business makes, in real-time. Whether people are praising or complaining about your business, you’ll have an idea what’s going on, why. From there, you just need to decide how to respond, and even that can be a part of your paid social media efforts.

Setting this up can be hard work, especially with every other concern you have just running a business. But this is what Allroads Digital Marketing is for. We can handle your digital advertising and your paid social media. We’ll partner with you to ensure that the voice you want for your business reaches customers on the biggest social media networks!

Why integrate paid social media into your marketing?

The reality about advertising on platforms like Twitter and Facebook is that a simple ad isn’t enough. A tweet about a promotion you’re running will buried in minutes if big news breaks out. The same can be said about a simple post on Facebook.

Paid social media goes further than an ad linking to your website, because you can engage individuals with relevant content tailored to a given platform. This content can link back to your website, either to a content blog, or a coupon promoting a sale, and so on. But the real bonus is visibility. Depending on the network, and your content, paid social media can reach far more people than those you’ve targeted based on known interests alone.

The keyword here is sharing. A good example of paid social media going viral can be found just by looking up any fast food chain’s social media accounts. With engaging content, even Twitter’s character limit is no obstacle to getting your brand in front of new eyes. Social media that people enjoy is social media they are more willing to share with others. If you have something interesting to say, and that something gets shared by your customers, you stand to gain more traffic to your website. It’s a chance for more conversions, while also a chance to further establish and expand your branding influence.

Allroads can make your paid social media pay for itself, and more!

At Allroads, digital marketing isn’t just managing AdWords, SEO’d content blogs, or web development. It’s a combination of those three elements, and more. With Facebook alone reaching over two billion people, with Twitter and other social media platforms reaching out to the other five billion people on the planet, it would be a mistake to ignore the power of paid social media.

We aim to give our partners the best opportunity to expand their reach into the world. If they recognize the power of paid social media, and want to integrate it, we’re able to do that. We can help with an existing social media account, or help set up a social media plan that meets your business goals. Contact Allroads today for a consultation. We’ll answer any questions you have on how we can drive your website, your business, to success.

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