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Happy customers attract more customers

One of the best ways to keep customers shopping on your website, or visiting your business, is to keep them satisfied. If your eCommerce is set up right, it’s easy to use. You make returning products a simple affair. Regular promotions can make your prices competitive. Properly targeted ads bring in the customers you want. Overall, some of the best public relations practices involve making sure the ship is running smoothly. Happier customers leave positive reviews of your business on reviews sites. Google AdWords text ads can even cite your star rating through ad extensions.

There’s obvious benefits to maintaining positive public relations. Of course, PR isn’t just for making sure things stay running smooth. You have to be ready for when things don’t run smoothly. When a customer has a negative experience with your services, employees, or products, you need to be ready to handle those situations.

When Allroads takes on digital marketing for a client, we consider it a partnership, not a simple contract. For us, when your business is succeeding, that means we have done our job right. It’s in our interest to protect your interests, and that means paying attention for possible public relations issues.

Allroads can keep you on top of your public relations game!

Allroads can help with PR in a number of ways. Any landing pages we make for your ad campaigns will direct customers the way you want them to be, whether that’s for data collection or eCommerce. We keep a watchful eye on eCommerce websites we work on, to ensure that data isn’t compromised. This is just part of the parcel, but we can go further.

We’re able to track phone calls customers make with your employees, and help you point out any weak links in customer relations there. Part of our team is also dedicated to watching for negative reviews. An angry review on Yelp could turn away potential clients, but it’s also an opportunity to attract more if it’s handled right, and handled fast. We’ll call attention to negative reviews, giving you a chance to stop that particular train before it leaves the station. We’ve helped many clients sort things out with an upset customer simply by bringing a Yelp or Google review to to their attention. Unsurprisingly, a quick response to help an upset customer can often turn them into a repeat customer. We’ve even heard clients tell us about how a formerly upset customer brought friends to the business, simply because of a quick and fair resolution to a PR drama bomb.

We’ve helped smaller businesses turn their reputation around. Review scores have gone from one or two stars to five stars all round, thanks to some timely public relations advice. If you’re looking for a new digital marketer that treats your business as seriously as you do, you can rely on Allroads for business consultation and PR expertise.

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