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Loyal customers are made when a brand engages them on a personal level.

Today, your business could be at the center of a virtual conversation anywhere in the world. Social media has changed everything. We don’t just message our friends about anything. We share our thoughts, ideas, and personal preferences to a wide audience. On Facebook, Twitter, Google +, we can quickly discover a massive group of people who like what we like. If you have a problem with a product, and you share it on social media, chances are that you’re not alone. This massive reach into the general public should make it no surprise that social media marketing is becoming important for business.

A vast majority of business executives around the world recognize the importance of social media for their company. Even smaller businesses can open a social media account with considerable ease. A local bakery could tweet when fresh pastries are available. A neighborhood auto repair shop can reach customers through Facebook with advertisements or special announcements.

At Allroads Digital Marketing, we we understand the power of social media. We also understand that it can be difficult to truly manage your social media messaging as a business owner. We can help you get the word out about your brand, bring in the customers, and make them repeat customers. That is the power of social media marketing, and that is what Allroads offers to you.

Social media marketing allows effective active and passive customer engagement

We are all customers to a business at some point during the day. When something goes right, we reward a business with another visit, with more of our hard-earned money. If something about a visit or a service goes wrong, we have a right to complain.

Thanks to social media, how we feel about a company can be transmitted to hundreds, thousands, millions of people in an instant. What does that mean for you as a business owner?

Information, about your brand, about your customer service, about your products. This information can change the direction of your business, tell you what you’re getting right or wrong. Your digital marketing campaigns, your website content, even the services you provide can be influenced by social media.

The ultimate question is how you choose to approach social media. The potential influence it holds can be overwhelming. Allroads can help you manage your social media marketing approach, based on your business objectives.

Passive social media engagement

Here’s a hypothetical scenario: Your business just released a new app. This app allows customers to directly shop with you through an account they have opened on your website. But there is a problem: the app somehow bricked one of your customer’s phones, and unsurprisingly, they are hopping mad about their $900 paper-weight. Not only are they mad, they are letting everyone else know about it, on Facebook, on Twitter. And worse, it’s not just a lone case of bad luck. Dozens of people are chiming in to the conversation, all reporting problems your app devs didn’t catch before release, despite extremely thorough testing.

This situation is undoubtedly a disaster for the app, and potentially for the business. At the same time, this is an opportunity.

Thanks to social media, a business can get customer perspectives faster than ever. From major things like the above, to Yelp reviews about a recent visit to your store or website.

There is a huge, benefit to a passive social media approach. You can learn what your customers are saying. Any trends you see unfolding, you can position your business to react to. So, when dozens of people are reporting that your app is killing phones, you’ll be able to respond to it faster than ever. In the past, a defective product could have been a problem for months, even years, before a company would hear enough complaints about it to begin considering a response. Today, customer feedback and your response to it is a loop counted in minutes or days.

Active social media engagement

The feedback on the app has helped you craft an effective response to the masses, assuring them that you’re on top of it. But there is much more you can do with social media marketing, far beyond addressing individual questions and complaints!

Your marketing campaigns can shift based exactly on what you’re seeing on social media. The keywords used can shift based on what specific customers are looking for from your brand. You can hyper-target ads on social media platforms to reach specific users. Their personal information reveals that you are selling what they want to buy. That means you can make an advertising campaign meant for people exactly like them.

If a big-name customer engages with your brand, suddenly your product is exposed to thousands, even millions of people. If that trusted name likes what you offer, you might be seeing a flood of new business. You can engage directly with that influential name, and their fans, and see massive benefits!

Allroads can lead to social media marketing success!

We’ve assisted dozens of businesses with their social media platforms, helping them engage with thousands of customers. Our work has helped our clients instill a sense of loyalty among their customers. In essence, through social media, we have helped our clients become an industry authority, one that their customers trust to provide the products they want.

Allroads can help you with reactive marketing campaigns, responding to the competition, and to what your customers are saying. Content we generate for your website shifts based on emerging trends, recent news, and the products you offer. If you want to offer loyal customers a reward for their business, we can help you target them, and any potential customers with ads that will bring them to your business.

Contact Allroads Digital Marketing today if you’re looking to expand your social media presence. We look forward to bringing your business even greater success through social media marketing!

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