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When you need more than just a picture worth a thousand words

Some products and services just can’t be easily shown with a picture or two. Even if you can get away with a picture, a demonstration of your product, or a speech from a business owner, goes further to convince some customers. This is the power of video advertising.

If for some reason you don’t believe in the power of video, of pictures in motion, think about the power of advertising during major sporting events. The Super Bowl ads that we remember for weeks after they run live. Think about the popular video streamers, the people who are videogame or automobile enthusiasts who demonstrate their love of their hobby. Think of how many millions of people watch videos. How many of those people rewatch the videos they like, and how many of them share those videos.

Video advertising has the ability to go further than other forms of advertising. However, it’s just as easy for it for people to consider your videos intrusive. If your video ad isn’t properly targeted, if the content itself is uninteresting, you stand to gain little from your investment.

How Allroads can help your video advertising reach success

The content itself isn’t enough. If you’re a legal practice, and your video about trucking accident litigation is showing up on a handbags website, your content targeting is off. If your video isn’t producing any conversions, you may not be providing content people want to see, and that could be turning people away from your business.

With the use of Google AdWords, or Bing Ads, ads can be accurately targeted at the markets you’re looking for. Additionally, your ads can be targeted to match the themes of the sites they appear on. For example, say you’re the owner of an auto repair shop, and you create a video ad. A potential customer is watching a video about auto repairs. If you’ve targeted your video advertising correctly, your business has a chance to appear with that video. Through this, you’ve positioned yourself as a potential authority in auto repairs to this person. If the ad is compelling, it’s a chance that person will look to you for any future auto repair needs.

What Allroads Digital Marketing can do is ensure your video advertising stays on target. We’ll manage your AdWords and Bing Ads accounts. Our team provides the maintenance necessary to keep your ads relevant to the right consumers.

Video advertising is one effective way to get customers through your doors. If it isn’t properly managed, it can be an expense that doesn’t pay for itself at best. Contact Allroads today for a consultation. If you’re looking for a digital marketing team that will bring you to success, we’re that team.

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